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                      Thanks for visiting us here at GFCNetworks. Home of GFC-One Radio!


We are a small recording studio and podcast production facility with offices in San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX and Lafayette, IN. Although the program directors in Austin have set a tentative start date for main operations of 01/01/2020, we're considering opening the doors a little early, and possibly doing a New Year show starting midnight EST on 01/01. Operations are going to be spotty for awhile while we finish setting up, but feel free to click the "Listen Live Now" button below to see what we've got going on right now!


GFC-One Radio

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Get Your Eve On!

GFC-Live With The Guru

GFC Live with The Guru - GFC-One Radio AustinGFC Live with The Guru - GFC-One Radio Austin
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GFC Live with Ground - GFC-One Radio AustinGFC Live with Ground - GFC-One Radio Austin
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GFC-Live With Ground

Get Your Eve On: EP 03GFC-Radio Austin - Yvonne
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Episode 3:

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February is Rap History Month at GFC!

Starting today, and for the remainder of Black History Month, We're going to be paying tribute to Artists who've not just made an impact on the Rap industry as a whole, but have laid the cornerstones for what it's become today. 

This week's ffeatured album is

"Sumthin; Serious" - Big Mike (Album)

We are a small recording studio/Internet Radio Station with satelite studios all over the US. We offer free, original content streamed to you straight from our studios in Lafayette, Indiana and Austin, Texas.

At this point, our talent is mostly TBA due to the fact that we're still setting up. Show runners include The Guru and The REAL Sasha Fierce (Austin, TX), Digi (San Francisco, CA) and Ground (Lafayette, Indiana)

If you would like to take part in a stream or even get your own show/podcast, give us a call or drop us a line in the message box below.


Our main broadcasting facilities are located in Lafayette, Indiana and Austin, Texas, with a satellite broadcasting facility in San Francisco, California. We have small recording facilities in each of our main studios, but are expanding our operations quickly with the acquisition of more Talent, and working to bring you original, engaging content that you'll WANT to listen to! No More boring DJ's, no more having to sit through a show you don't like because your favorite show comes on next in the lineup! Don't like what you're hearing live right now? Switch on over to our Archive page and stream a podcast of your favorite content, On Demand, from GFC. 

Lafayette, IN
Austin, TX
San Francisco, CA

Get Connected With The Voice-Over Guru

                                                       "One man... One way... One Voice..." 


"In a world..." Where quality voice-over artists are hard to come by, and you're a growing business, but you can't seem to get a company to produce you a commercial that's worth putting on the air... Welcome to GFC! We've got your answer!

                                                                                 Meet The Guru


After his project with The One2Cee in 2006, The Guru was bored. He'd been doing radio spots for awhile but nothing was really bringing the money in. For him, though, it wasn't all about the money. With his background in broadcasting and experience cutting show liners, commercials, and almost every other thing he could lend his voice to, The Guru decided that he was tired of FM Radio, or more specifically, tired of the fact that commercials on FM sounded like "a high school kid got a hold of his grandma's IBM XT, and tried to run ProTools on it while recording Elmer Fudd being put through a juicer..." So he decided to get back in the Game. Being one of the co-founders of GFCNetworks, he had the clout, but not the talent agent, to move forward with this project, so it stalled. He worked odd-jobs, mostly over the phone, where he honed his voice by talking to customers all day in various technical support roles. So, yeah, just a regular Joe, with a regular job... and a voice that kept getting him noticed. See, fame never meant much to The Guru. Money wasn't the thing either. He loved broadcasting and being able to do quality work for good companies to get them noticed, because that, in turn, got him noticed. Other people would take as long as three weeks to cut a commercial. A simple commercial! He could do it in one take... Don LaFontaine, eat your heart out. If you're looking for a Voice-Over artist who works fast, is a perfectionist, and will get YOUR project or commercial done in record time at low cost while still bringing you the highest level of quality, look no further! Click the button below to email The Guru and get a quote!

(or E-Mail 'hoosierdaddy06@gmail.com' for details.)

Featured Clients

The One2Cee

One2Cee has been a part of the Austin Rap Scene since the late '90's. Here at GFC, we're proud to be a part of his history just as much as he is a part of ours. Back in 2005, 2Cee met up with The Guru and struck up a fast friendship. With the fledgeling studio we had at the time, they recorded "Through the Eyes of Me", one of One2Cee's first albums. Even though he's gone on to produce with other studios since then, he still remains one of the family. Building his style up through the years, he's now perfected his sound and is ready to hit the scene. Already a local battle-rap legend, he's perfected his style, and ready to get #ONIT

The track att the right is track 01 off of One2Cee's first published album, "BlindGod 1" called "Nothing LIke Me" (Produced by Brent Carter at Dizzy Life Studios). Give it a listen, and give this man some likes and shares! Let's get his name out there! He and Mr. Carter are good people dong great things, and we hope to have both of them on a future show to discuss style, production tactics and basically the process of making an album! 


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